Original IMs around formation of GivingHubHouston


The Giving Hub was born from the text messages pictured above. I’m Aimee Woodall, an agency owner who knows how to manage giant projects and use my creative powers for good. She’s Carla Valencia, a magazine owner with connections all over town and a strong conviction for our local community.

Thursday, August 31st, we went out to do a few volunteer runs. In a packed Jeep full of food and supplies, we headed to Baytown and Friendswood to make drop-offs. Those long drives gave us time to think and devise a more effective way to do things. That night, the Black Sheep Agency created an ad for the Giving Hub, and built a system that would give us structure for large-scale efficiency.

Friday September 1, the Giving Hub opened its doors at 611 W. 22nd Street in the Heights—a 4,600-sq. ft. space donated by our landlord for the Black Sheep office, Jonathan Granader. In that same building is Scott Tycer’s Kraftsman Cafe, and Scott and his team readily came on board as our sandwich partner, providing fresh bread and sandwich supplies for all of our orders needing sustenance.

We began accepting donations and volunteers began pouring in. We now have more than 250 volunteers on call, and a set of drivers who are making deliveries locally and across the state. Our volunteers come back again and again (and the list continues to grow), touting we are the most organized, efficient and welcoming place they have found to volunteer and contribute to our community.

The capacity to give, want to help and ability to rally in a seconds notice is awe-worthy. Today, a little over two-weeks post Hurricane Harvey I am still amazed we can put out a call on our social media platforms for immediate needs and Houstonians both near and fear hear our call and fill those needs that same day.

We’ve sent truckload deliveries to Beaumont, Vidor, Orange, Liberty City, Highlands, Katy, Missouri City, Dickinson, Conroe, Port Arthur, Cold Spring, Livingston and the east, west, north and south far stretches of Houston. To date, we have delivered more than 51,000 packages (cases/cartons) to more than 200 locations.

Our volunteer staff has been fed by Kraftsman, El Rey, Oui Ban Mi, Hearsay and more. We are proud to be making a difference every day—a difference we feel is necessary in our City right now. Because of the urgency, we personally leave our families every day to serve the families of Houston.

We would love for you to join forces with us to help people, families, and organizations in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.